Posted by: leppie | August 21, 2007

IronLisp is now open

Please go visit and download the source!

Enjoy, and I am looking forward to all the feedback 🙂



  1. I am glad to find IronLisp. I have tried it immediately. I have encountered little problem in interactive loop. Each expression produced exception. I have changed one line in IronLisp\Ast\Expressions.cs. It was line 440 “key = evalblock” in function GetScope(). I have replaced it with “evalblock = key;” Now I can use repl without exceptions but I would like you to correct the code. Great job. I hope to see IronLisp as good as IronPython.

  2. Thanks, that was something I changed last night to make macro’s work in the evaluator, guess I didn’t test it enough :O 🙂

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