Posted by: leppie | October 2, 2007

Latest DLR breaks IronLisp again

Seems they cant stop making breaking changes 😦

They seemed to have changed their whole ‘casting’ system. Previously I had work around valuetypes being passed by address! Hence using the object type in the assembly, but tracking the real type during compilation. Now I will have to rethink the system…



  1. What ‘latest DLR’? Do you mean the 2.0a4 release, or is this new changes in the repository?

  2. Michael: New changes in the repository.

    leppie: From what I can read, wasn’t the change as simple as s/Convert/DynamicConvert/, s/Cast/Convert/?

  3. I mean the latest changes in the repository.

  4. Seo: That part was simple πŸ™‚ Unfortunately the following broke (in C# psuedo):

    object a = 1; // does not like valuetype

    I have to do a convert to object before assigning else there is assert failure. On the positive side, I think this reasoning might fix the other problem discussed in post (ie 1 being passed as 0xBEEFCACE).

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