Posted by: leppie | January 4, 2008

IronScheme 1.0 alpha 1 download

Grab it from here.

[update] it would run under Mono, if (a) Mono actually implemented all of the .NET methods and (b) Mono doesn’t screw up the console. [update]



  1. Could you provide a .zip of the installation directory file for Mono users?

    Will there ever be an intention to support Mono?

  2. I will do a zip 🙂

    I have no idea, see if it runs :p (but that would be a very slow way of running Scheme on Linux :p)

  3. Leppie – send me your email address – I’d like to ask you a few questions and highlight IronScheme and xacc.ide.

    Drop me a line.


  4. Leppie – should have mentioned I’d like to post this to 🙂


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