Posted by: leppie | April 6, 2008

xacc.ide- released

Here is a cumulative changelog since - April 5, 2008

- Fixed silly tab indentation issue - April 5, 2008

- Fixed Scheme shell showing up in MRU files
- Improved Scheme shell, added command history
- Scheme files can now be run like LSharp, with Ctrl + Enter and Ctrl + Shift + Enter
- Fixed newly created and saved files not showing up in MRU
- Externally modified files are now being reloaded automatically
- TabsToSpaces implemented, and now default - March 1, 2008

- Small improvement to Scheme lexer - January 19, 2008

- Fixed F# char escape bug
- Improvements to Scheme parser
- Interactive console for IronScheme (integration coming later)
- Small fix to projects to not crash with solution folders
- Removed 'Submit Bug' and other error reporting as the server has been down for ages - January 13, 2008

- Outline support for Scheme
- Navigation bar support for Scheme
- AutoComplete support for Scheme - January 8, 2008

- Partially fixed a rendering alignment bug (m's should render better now)
- Improved Scheme support - January 4, 2008

- Added Scheme (particularly IronScheme support.
- Updated to NSIS 2.34.
- Updated to DockPanel Suite 2.2.

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