Posted by: leppie | October 22, 2008

Interview checklist

A list of things to keep in mind on the next interview.

  • Ask to see a portfolio, if not available online
  • Ask to see some of the code of the best/lead developer, this will be the best expectation
  • Ask to see the version control log and unit test log, dont fall for ‘yes, we have/do that’
  • Ask that the best/lead developer be present at the interview
  • Make sure the best/lead developer is better than you, else you will be doing his job
  • Ask to see some run of the mill code, any random snippet
  • Ask them to be very precise on the responsibilities of the applied position, make them contractual
  • Ask to look at their DB structures
  • Ask to see architectural and design documentation

Once done with the above list, and you are happy, proceed with a normal interview, else say “thanks, but not interested”.

Here’s a nice link about those pimps!

The Joel Test

A good thread on StackOverflow about warning signs

The Manager FAQ (good read for managers, and those being managed)



  1. Have you ever participated in such kind of interviews? I think you should be very brave to ask all these questions.

  2. No, that’s why I am making a list 🙂 I always forget.

    I do agree it is brave to ask such questions, but IMO you have the right to do so. If they refuse without a valid excuse, alarm bells should sound.

  3. Sounds like a great way to be on the dole queue for a while.

  4. Maybe, but I’ll rather be unemployed than have to work at some place that gave you a false impression. Actually, if it’s really bad, I guess you would have some legal grounds to dismiss any contractual obligations.

  5. […] posted this great interview checklist. I’m mirroring it here so that I will always have a […]

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