Posted by: leppie | November 28, 2008

The useless state of businesses in my area

As noted with my previous post, I am looking for a new work opportunity.

About 3-4 weeks ago, I saw another offer from a company that seemed to be really ‘on the go’. I was very interested in this position, as they seemed to be a complete software house, and seemed to be looking for candidates on all levels. They also had a very detailed requirement spec which made me feel more comfortable at that stage.

I contacted my recruiter to notify her of my interest then.

Now, almost a month later, this company still has not been able to get hold of the person to ‘ok’ a time for my initial assessment. This has been no fault of my recruiter, as I have been pushing her. Her frustration is also quite clear.

This gets me thinking;

  • What is going on in this company that a simple task cannot be done in ample enough time?
  • Do I really want to work for such a company where there is clearly an enormous lack of communication?

I dont really care if they are a MS Gold Partner, or they are rated in the ‘TOP 10 Companies to work for in SA’, my initial impression of them is not a good one.

And not a place I would like to work.

I have told my recruiter, if they cannot get their act together by end of Monday, I will have no more interest in this ‘opening’ (if you can call it that).

More updates to come on Monday.

Regarding the other company I did the assessment for, they still have not come back to me with their ‘suggested solution’.



  1. Llewellyn, don’t get upset! All will be good! To improve your mood I will tell one ridiculous story. The daughter-in-law of my employee could not find work in Kiev for a long time. Then she had remembered one very strange habit and hung red pants of her husband on a chandelier. And what do you think? In few days she was called from one respected company and she had been offered highly paid work :))))

    Llewellyn, I am sure of that you will find interesting job! The main thing, don’t be worried! 🙂

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