Posted by: leppie | December 2, 2008


Yes, second time this year!

At least we got news from the previous liquidated company that we will be receiving some severance pay soon. My current job I have had less than a year, so by law, they are not required to pay me anything. (maybe I need to add this to my contract’s clauses, just in case, perhaps insurance?).

Also, the other company I mentioned in my previous post still have not gotten back to me, so I guess it’s ‘tickets’ for them. I am not interested.

As previously mentioned, I requested a ‘suggested solution’ from the assessment I did a few weeks back. On Friday, I decided to follow up the request, only to be told by the recruiter (another one, another company) that I did not tell her! She sounded quite upset (perhaps she needs to makes notes of these things), and I doubt I will be hearing from her or get a solution as I requested…

So, it’s off to hunt for some potential employment opportunities. Just a pity about the time of year. No-one really wants to make decisions in December and hence why I was trying to get things done in November.



  1. Hello,
    Sorry about your loss. Hope you get something soon to help you recoup. I myself will be looking for part-tiime work for about two weeks in two weeks to hold me over until the new year (temporay shutdown). Maybe I will freelance for local shops. Good day.

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