Posted by: leppie | October 27, 2009

IronScheme and C# 4’s new dynamic keyword

So everyone (well all the IronXXX people) is doing it, so I might well too 🙂

I present using IronScheme in C# 4:

class Program
  static dynamic Scheme = new SchemeEnvironment();

  static void Main(string[] args)
    var list = Scheme.list;
    var map =;
    var reverse = Scheme.reverse;

    Func<int, int> f = x => x * x;

    var r = map(f, reverse(map(f, list(1, 2, 3))));

    Console.WriteLine(; // prints 81

The implementation is straight forward, and can be viewed here. I just involves a simple Linq expression. 🙂





  1. LOL @ “static dynamic”

    • I was thinking exactly the same when I wrote it.

  2. Something new about silverlight support?

    • Nope, sorry.

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